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Real Estate Websites For Your Local Business

Buying, Selling and Borrowing Websites… Separate websites for each area of your business!

Your Public Image Online… designed and proven to give you credibility before you ever talk to a Buyer or Seller.

Your website provides the polished, professional and confident look of a multi-million dollar company that shows you can deliver on your promises with this online, page-by-page proven presentation, explaining your home Buying and Selling/Renting program so you don’t have to. This 24/7 online secret weapon explains who you are, the benefits you offer, what you do, how you can help, the different types of programs you offer and much more.

Get more “Bang” for your marketing dollar by having buyers and sellers go to your website first and fill out your questionnaire!. Build your “Brand” by using your own domain names.

StreetSmartInvestor Sites

To visit a live demonstration Selling website Click Here

To visit a live demonstration Buying website Click Here


Your Online Virtual Back Office Prospect Manager is designed to manage prospects as they come in. As you receive leads you or your prospect will fill out the Questionnaire. It auto-loads the back office of your website, where you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of marketing specific properties to qualified prospects. It’s password accessible 24/7 from any computer allowing you to travel carefree and use virtual assistants to support leads.

On your Selling WebWiz™ post all your properties with up to 12 photos each and show Sell, Rent, Lease Option and/or Owner Finance for each listing. Now you’ll show your properties online 24/7 where prospects can sell themselves without wasting your valuable time.

On your Buying WebWiz™ you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of pulling comparables, calculating the deal profit, costs, rate of return, creating your offer, tracking your offer, communicating with your leads, and receiving automatic reminders when it’s time to follow up. You’ll be able to prioritize leads by potential profit, cash requirements, rate of return and more! It’s like having a 24/7 silent employee and without the cost.

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